What types of accounts does Optigo Happy offer?

Optigo lenders can sign up for the following types of Optigo Happy accounts:

  1. Conventional (includes Manufactured Housing Communities)

  2. Specialty (includes Targeted Affordable Housing, Seniors Housing, Student Housing, Structured Transactions)

  3. Small Balance Loans


  1. Set-up fee: $5,000

  2. First product line account: $1,000/month

  3. Additional accounts: $500/month for each account

  4. API Integration: Add-on for $1,000/month

Virtual Inspections

This application is an add-on to the on-site inspection app. It's available for Conventional, Specialty and Small Balance Loan accounts


Each lender virtual inspection is $300. View this article for more details.


Interested or want to learn more details?
Please reach out to our Customer Success Manager of Lending, Angela del Pino, angela.delpino@happy.co 

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