What is Optigo Happy?

Optigo Happy is Freddie Mac Multifamily's digital inspection platform with a suite of tools powered by HappyCo. The platform includes:

  1. Optigo Happy mobile app

  2. Manage website, the desktop inspection management tool

  3. Live by HappyCo virtual inspection mobile app


With Optigo Happy, you can use it on the go with your smartphone or tablet – or back at your desk on your computer. There's 75% less information to complete in the inspection template and lenders save 2+ hours with each inspection.


Some of the benefits include:

  1. Access inspections across all regions on one website

  2. Take pictures and save to specific inspection questions in the app

  3. Submit data directly to Freddie Mac while still on-site

  4. Conduct virtual inspections across any underwriting license (Conventional, Specialty or Small Balance Loan)

  5. Fill out the lease audit form on the app

  6. Integrate with your internal business systems through APIs


Download this overview document of the platform.

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