I'm a Freddie Mac inspector. How do I fill out the inspection form?

Step 1: Log into manage.optigohappy.com to find inspection

  • Click on the the correct Property folder the inspection is within.
  • Click on the "inspections" tab underneath Apps on the right left side of the screen. 
  • Enter the inspection address in the search bar to pull it up in the Inspection list. Once it has populated, you should see the Sellers Inspection, Lease Audit Template, and the Freddie Mac Inspection Template once the virtual inspection has been ordered by the lender. 

Step 2: Select the correct inspection and fill out the inspection form

Click on the inspection you will be filling out, and then hit "Start Inspection" to enter the inspection form. You will then fill out the form, clicking the camera icon to add photos, and if needed can add more details in the notes section.


If you are looking to join a virtual inspection for your inspection, you will see a Join Session button next to the Sellers Inspection Template. Click on "Join Session" to join the virtual inspection video feed at the agreed upon time.




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