When is a virtual inspection invoiced to my company?

There is a $300 charge per virtual inspection when a lender representative is on-site as the Camera Operator but is not qualified to also complete the lender inspection form.


A lender on-site inspection, which has no per-inspection fee associated, is when Freddie Mac is participating virtually, but the lender has a Qualified Inspector on-site.


Who is considered a Qualified Inspector? For Conventional Loans, see Freddie Mac Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide section 8.15. For SBL, we have temporarily suspended the prohibitions in Guide section 8SBL.15 on third parties and certain seller employees and granted lender authority to identify a Qualified Lender Inspector.


Use the flow chart below to help you determine when a virtual inspection is charged to your company.




You can also download our overview document.

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